Illuminate Conference


Reasons to Believe (RTB) and Women in Apologetics (WIA) are partnering to deliver Illuminate, a scientific, 2-day virtual seminar on September 18-19, 2020. This event seeks to equip believers with the knowledge and tools needed to express the harmony of science and the Christian faith. Illuminate will equip you to engage in Christ-centered conversations with STEM-influenced individuals across all walks of life. Whether interacting with an analytical scholar or a child asking tough questions, this event will provide insight into how Christians can direct the individuals in their lives to the truth of the Gospel.

Illuminate will feature a time of worship and special music with recording artist, Aryn Michelle, five plenary sessions (for more details, click on the Speakers & Sessions tab), Q&A sessions with each speaker, fun activities, and giveaways! We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

Please click here to view the full conference schedule, and click here to register for the event!