Lamplighter/Homebuilder Sunday School Class


Jeff Zweerink will be guest teaching on “The Harmony of God’s Revelation” at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood every Sunday in August.

During this four week series, we will 1) articulate why Christians should care about science, 2) describe how the Bible and creation harmonize, 3) show what science and the Bible have to say about beginnings, and 4) investigate how science provides insight into God’s care for humanity. We will also have time to address your science/faith questions and concerns. When we have finished, you will be more confident in the truth of Christianity and better equipped to share the Gospel with those God brings across your path.

Dates and Topics:
Sunday, August 4: Why Should Christians Care About Science?
Sunday, August 11: The Harmony of God’s Revelation
Sunday, August 18: Beginnings
Sunday, August 25: Created with Care