Unbelievable? The Conference USA


Conversations matter. But talking about faith with our non-Christian friends and neighbors can sometimes feel like we’re speaking a different language. So how do we make sense of faith, doubt and following Jesus in an increasingly skeptical world? As our part of the world creeps ever closer to a post-Christian outlook, the conversations, questions and issues that engage the people around us keep changing. While we believe that Jesus is still relevant and foundational to a meaningful and authentic life; some of our sources of authority, such as the Bible and church, can be perceived as obsolete. On top of this, Christian views can sometimes be accused of being out-of-date. In the face of this challenge we will ask how we can better engage our culture with Jesus and the gospel.’
How can we draw people into conversations that help them relate to God and His story?
Where is our culture going, and how can we understand people better?
How can Christianity and the Bible speak to this generation in ways it will listen to?
What issues create opportunities for us to connect with people?
How can we be equipping ourselves to navigate these conversations?

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