28:19 Episode 23

What is the “Great Commission”? How can we keep going when we run into obstacles in sharing our faith? Lost in Space and the Search for Exoplanets. How to deal with the Galileo Affair. Straight Thinking podcast is back!

RTB 101: What Is the “Great Commission”? 2:20
with Hugh Ross
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Nexus: How Can We Keep Going Even When We Run into Obstacles in Sharing Our Faith? 7:32
with Amy Hall
For more from Amy Hall, visit https://www.str.org/.

Culture Talk: Lost in Space and the Search for Exoplanets 11:19
with Jeff Zweerink
Dig Deeper: https://support.reasons.org/purchase/is-there-life-out-there.

Give and Take: How to Deal with the Galileo Affair 16:09
with Ted Cabal
Dig Deeper: https://support.reasons.org/purchase/controversy-of-the-ages

RTB News: Straight Thinking Podcast Is Back! 24:26
with Ken Samples
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