Lunar Catastrophes and Peering Deep Inside Cells | Stars, Cells, and God

Join Hugh Ross and Jeff Zweerink as they discuss new discoveries taking place at the frontiers of science that have theological and philosophical implications, including the reality of God’s existence.

Lunar Catastrophes

The Moon is exquisitely fine-tuned in various ways that are essential for advanced life to exist on Earth’s surface. However, astronomers have determined that the Moon will reverse its outward migration from Earth and crash into our planet about 40 billion years from now. Astronomer Bradley Hansen recently demonstrated that for the majority of planet-moon systems capable of sustaining life, the moon will collide with the planet long before conditions on that planet permit the existence of advanced life. Hansen has discovered yet another habitability requirement: a large dynamically stable moon orbiting a large rocky planet.


Consequences of Dynamically Unstable Moons in Extrasolar Systems

Peering Deep Inside Cells

Scientists continue to develop tools to investigate the detailed workings inside the cell. In one recent example researchers tracked the motion of individual molecules that transport resources around the cell. Advances over past attempts now demonstrate the step-by-step movements of motor protein kinesin-1 as it moves through the cell, and data gives hints that the molecule might be twisting as it traverses the intracell highways. These advances not only show the incredible design within the cell but continue to add to the overwhelming evidence that humans are truly exceptional among all the animals on Earth.


Superresolution Microscopy Tracks a Walking Biomolecule

Direct Observation of Motor Protein Stepping in Living Cells Using MINFLUX

MINFLUX Dissects the Unimpeded Walking of Kinesin-1