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Stars, Cells, and God | Dark Matter Particles? | News of the Day

Join Hugh Ross in this breaking News of the Day episode of Stars, Cells, and God. Hugh describes stars at our galaxy’s center showing their luminosities are augmented by the annihilation of dark matter particles in their cores. This could be the first direct discovery of dark matter particles. Dark Matter Particles? Dark matter makes up 24.5% of the universe. Neutrinos are the only dark matter particles detected so far and comprise less than 1% of dark matter. Three astronomers produced a mock stellar population the evolves both with and without energy from dark matter particle annihilation. High-mass stars that gain much of their luminosities from dark matter particle annihilation can shine brightly for greater than 10 billion years rather than less than 100 million years. They shine as brightly as young stars, spectroscopically measure to be old, and have lower temperatures. Density of dark matter in our galaxy is extremely high within 1 light year of its supermassive black hole (SMBH). Stars within 1 light year of our galaxy’s SMBH have the distinct properties of stars whose luminosities are augmented by dark matter particle annihilation. Observations by 30-meter telescopes will find enough stars within a light year of our galaxy’s SMBH to make possible an indisputable detection of dark matter particles. Links & Resources: Dark Branches of Immortal Stars at the Galactic Center Black Holes as Evidence of God’s Care