What’s Next

We are so glad that you have taken courses with us through Regent University. RTB wants to be an on-going resource to help you in ministry. We know that it’s increasingly hard to know how to navigate through the confusing waters of science and faith in today’s world. How do you make sense of scientific evidences from a Christian perspective? And how can you be a bridge builder as the perceived chasm between science and faith remains?

This is where Reasons to Believe steps in. We are here to help you sort through the evidence so that you can be confident in what you believe. We are here to empower you—so you can go out and empower others.

Fill out this form to access your free gifts and empowering resources that we have designed with you in mind. We hope to see you in future Reasons Institute courses and maybe even decide to join us in RTB’s Apologetics Community.

Welcome Regent Students